After Technological Singularity and Judgement Day came Robot Warfare.

The Machines responsible for the Nuclear Holocaust, Zuckerbots, versus the reprogrammed cyborgs of The Underground Resistance fighting for survival of mankind, Etherminators.

Reprogramming made The Etherminators miss a critical software update by Meta that allowed for a one thousandth of a percentile quicker learning ability. This might not seem like much but the exponential growth of Machine Intelligence would eventually make this a winning difference in favor of The Zuckerbots.

The Resistance knew of only one possible solution. With scarce time and even scarcer resources hundreds of Neural Net Processor Chips were engineered in a lab deep under the earth’s Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland. Not nearly enough to upgrade all 6969 Cyborg-Assassins but hopefully enough to save the world.

The Neural Net Processor Chip was designed to give rise to a Mutant Assassin with strength and intelligence that transcends the original Etherminator — if successful that is. Engineers of The Resistance calculated a 50/50 chance of transformation failure with largely unknown but potentially dangerous consequences.

It was a risk they would have to take.

Radioactive Mutant


Etherminators - A Hidden Gem NFT Collection Launching Soon

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